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D. W. Good Investment Company Ltd. – Estate Planning

You can have peace of mind now by arranging for the future disposal of your estate after your death. Estate planning – as compared to writing a will – focuses on ways to maximize the value of your estate while minimizing taxes and expenses for your beneficiaries.


Develop a plan for your assets now and ensure your estate is transferred to the beneficiaries you choose while avoiding the entanglements of probate. Consult with Laszlo Szojka to develop your estate plan concerning management of your assets, including:


  • Business assets & commercial property
  • Real estate, vehicles & personal property
  • Investment portfolios
  • Savings & death benefits from annuities*
  • Life insurance*
  • Accident & sickness insurance*


For more information about our estate planning options, just give us a call!

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Mutual Funds are offered through "D.W. Good Investment Co. Ltd." And products/services marked with * are offered through Financial Horizons Group and/or IDC Worldsource Insurance Network Inc.

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