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Individual Long-Term Financial Planning

Laszlo Szojka is committed to helping individuals and families in the St. Albert and Edmonton areas secure and improve their financial health. Create a cash flow plan that gives you control of your current economic reality and long-term financial tools for your future. See our financial advisors about a knowledgeable investment strategy that allows you to accumulate wealth for what is important to you, including:


  • Your children’s education
  • Debt reduction
  • Purchasing a home or business
  • Leisure time & vacations


Have a Plan for Your Retirement

Having a thoughtful retirement plan that is consistent and manageable now can help give you the retirement years you want later. You are never too young to begin your retirement strategy with regular contributions that minimize taxes. As well, intelligent retirement planning helps you better prepare for other important financial milestones such as mortgage payments or higher education costs.


Let Laszlo help you realize a savings plan that fits your age and income level as well as your future goals. Book an appointment to learn about the available options, including:


  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan – RRSP
  • RRSP loans
  • Registered Retirement Income Fund – RRIF
  • Annuities*
  • Investment accounts
  • Registered Education Savings Plans – RESPs
  • Individual pension plans – IPP
  • Tax-free savings accounts – TFSAs
  • Registered disability savings plans – RDSPs
  • Group retirement savings plans – GRSPs
  • Deferred profit-sharing plans – DPSPs
  • Locked-in retirement accounts – LIRAs
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Mutual Funds are offered through "D.W. Good Investment Co. Ltd." And products/services marked with * are offered through Financial Horizons Group and/or IDC Worldsource Insurance Network Inc.

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